Blue Badger Branding Lapa Company metal branding badges

Blue Badger Branding have recently supplied The Lapa Company with these classy metal branding badges for their garden buildings.

Since 2005 The Lapa Company have been manufacturing and supplying luxury outdoor buildings to some of the finest properties and gardens. Individually built and customised to suit each client, the only item missing was a form of branding for the products once in situ in a customers’ garden…until now!

When approached by The Lapa Company, Blue Badger Branding were able to put together a premium pewter branding badge that perfectly sets off the craftsmanship of each building. Incorporating their logo and website for ease of identification, the branding badge was burnished by hand and specified with fixing holes to withstand the inclement British climate.

Now, The Lapa Company can look forward to another 11years of trading, safe in the knowledge that their buildings have a higher perceived value and are instantly identifiable. That’s Blue Badger Branding for you!

If you’d like to explore permanent badge branding for your own products, please get in touch today.

Remember, Unbranded is Unknown!