How many times have the end caps come off the window boards in your conservatory?

It’s one of the most common sights in an older conservatory, to see a tired looking laminate window board with a missing end cap.

Sometimes they’ve been fixed to the window board with Polytop nails by a weary installer, tired of them falling off. But even so, we’ve watched people brush against them as they walk past, heard stories of dogs chewing them off and we all know they’re not the prettiest of products – even when they’re brand new!!

So why not eliminate window board end caps by using the DecSTONE Window Cills?

The beautiful stone tile system that is an inherent part of DecSTONE Window Cills and Skirting provides factory finished ends on every window cill. And no end caps means no service calls to refix on a damaged one.

What’s more, you don’t have the awkward conversation with your customer about how many differing shades of white there are from your frames, a laminate window board and the stick on plastic end caps and joint spacers.

Our handmade composite limestone window cills and skirting are now sold through leading installers nationwide – adding the ultimate finishing touch with quick and easy installation. And all available in in eight finishes to suit any scheme.

Discover how the DecSTONE Window Cills and Skirting can help to improve the internal finish of any conservatory and orangery here, or call 01452 307700 to discuss with our friendly team.