Family of Carved Acanthus Corbels from our stock range - DecWOOD
Family of our Edwardian Ogee Corbels - Decora Mouldings - DecWOOD
Family of Plain Shaker style corbels - Decora Mouldings - DecWOOD


We have over a 100 stock carved and plain corbels available online in all styles, shapes and sizes. DecWOOD Corbels are supplied ready to finish and come at a fraction of the cost of carving by hand. Our carved and plain corbels provide a level of consistency that cannot be easily achieved in wood. Plus our DecWOOD composite eliminates those unwanted cracks and blemishes like you get with wooden corbels.

Some of our most popular corbel styles are:

  • Carved Acanthus Leaf Corbels
  • Plain & Shaker Styles Shelf Brackets
  • Framed & Architectural Corbels
  • Fluted, Reeded & Scroll Detail Corbels
  • Large Plain Overmantel Shelf Brackets

For more information on our DecWOOD carved and plain stock corbels visit www.decwood.co.uk

DecWOOD is a unique composite containing a carefully selected blend of wood ‘flours’ and is used to reproduce many components.