Painted The Background Black - Decora Mouldings - DecBOOKS - Step 1
DecBOOKS False Books - Secret Door - Step 2
Step 3 - Fitting Faux Books
DecBOOKS False Dummy Books - Creating a faux library feature wall - Step 4

Installing DecBOOKS Faux Books

Installing DecBOOKS Faux Books couldn’t be any easier. They are supplied to fit your dimensions with simple shelf by shelf fitting instructions.

4 simple steps to create a fantastic false bookcase

  1. Paint the background matt black (or match the bookcase surround when fitting vellum or lighter colours).
  2. Paint faux shelf strips and fix in position.
  3. Fix DecBOOKS panels with panel adhesive, according to the supplied plan.
  4. Beautifully finished interior.

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