DecBOOKS Faux Books

Secret Door Ideas For Your Home

What’s not to love about a secret door that leads to a hidden room or bar? What secret door ideas are you thinking about creating?

It was in 1991 that we produced the very first moulded imitation book panel. Careful hand-finishing created a finished book panel that was so perfect in every detail, it fully complemented the antiquarian originals. Since then, others have copied but failed to achieve the level of authenticity captured with DecBOOKS faux books.

Today, DecBOOKS faux books have grown in popularity, being used to fill libraries and bookcases, create secret doors or hidden storage, graced film sets and hospitality and add opulence and tranquillity to thousands of projects worldwide.

We extensively supply our imitation books to the trade, wholesale and end-users who benefit from our fast turnaround time and excellent pricing.

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