Secret Library Bar - DecBOOKS Faux Books

Have you see this secret library bar at The Raeburn Hotel?

The Raeburn Hotel in Edinburgh is a former Georgian family home that was transformed into a boutique hotel and bar. The exquisite and elegant venue boasts ten bedrooms, bar, dining, library, private dining rooms with DecBOOKS Faux Books used in a multi-purpose secret library bar.

The secret library bar is a centrepiece of The Raeburn and is created with hundreds of faux book panels fixed onto folding doors. The designers chose our Classic false book style to recreate the homely feel of the Georgian former family home. The warm antique colours hand applied to every faux book spine.

The lightweight nature of our DecBOOKS faux books make them perfect for cladding onto secret doors. Each false book panel supplied sized and ready to fit the door.

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